It has always astounded me that we can go from being in the presence of God one minute & then be in a full-blown melt down the next. What I realized is that the Evil One is very good at knowing when our defenses are down; then he swoops in and causes a ruckas.


So it happened that I was on transit from Lagos, heading back to Oyo. A few minutes after we left the park, we came heads on with road traffic that had built up for a while. The highlight is that there was this woman seated directly behind us, she just kept up with the “Ah; eh”, “Jesus comes to our rescue o, traffic!”. All these she said in Yoruba. I couldn’t help but smile. I was just wondering how she was being all dramatic and fearsome. Even though some minutes earlier, she happened to be the one who led the prayer for us on the bus on our exit from the bus park.

That is a typical human being for you. Even I sometimes, it’s like my “God I trust you” statement seems like “Mercy do you really trust Him” when I come face to face with some unexpected situations…

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  1. Apt. The devil is always looking for “loop holes” but we are more than conquerors in Him to overcome His tactics.

    Thanks so much for the reblog ma’am. ❤❤

    P.S: Hope you are fully recovered? And you have been good ma’am?


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