Podcasts…My Latest Obsession πŸŽ™

I had never really understood what the big deal was about podcasts. But now I’m hooked. There is something different about hearing a blog post in the author’s own voice, listening to a devotional instead of reading it, or hearing a friend being interviewed by a podcaster. You can just listen as God’s truth washes over you.

I have included some of the podcasts that I recently subscribed to as well as a blog or two that offer audio versions:

Please keep me posted on any new blogs that you come across & if you know of a blog that has an audio component, let me know. I’m sure I have left someone out.


  1. Carol I’ve been debating on podcasts for awhile. A young man at my local car rental agency suggested it to me last year. Seems to be all the rage on the Internet nowadays. Thanks for sharing. Blessings and Peace.

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