Brokenhearted πŸ’”

My heart is broken,

Splintered into a thousand pieces.

Will I ever heal from this pain?

Will I ever feel normal again?

How long will I feel this way?

Dear Jesus, I trust you to bring the healing that I so desperately need.

I trust You

I need You

I love you



  1. Now my Lord, I lay me down,
    to pray, but not to sleep,
    for I am about to drown
    in the sea of tears I weep
    for this lost and broken land
    that’s placed love on the shelf,
    for the cities built on sand,
    but mostly for myself.
    I trust You with my heart of sorrow
    and in Your Word believe
    that I’ll be with You some tomorrow,
    yet I don’t want to leave
    this place, don’t want to say goodbye
    to those I love…don’t want to die!

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  2. A beautiful prayer poem that I can pray, too. Our God is so good and knows our deepest heartaches. He is always with us and comforts like no other. Blessings to you!

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  3. Beautiful poem! Only God can heal our broken hearts. Only He has the answers to all that makes us ache. We think sometimes that we can find healing elsewhere, but no, only God knows us best and loves us, broken and all.

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