Fairy Notes 🧚‍♀️

In Share a Little Love I conversed about my first experience with the Love Notes Community via the Quarterly Postcard Project. This week I showed Christ’s love to others by writing Fairy Notes (see description below).


Take a moment to slow down and get back to basics.  Share a piece of your heart through snail mail.

Hosted Monthly. Where you are given a list of nominated individuals who could use a little extra TLC via snail mail.

Because random acts of kindness matter and they can come in the form of handwritten notes sent in the mail as a divine surprise.


My Fairy Notes are ready for the mailman. I feel so blessed to be able to speak encouragement to hurting souls.

Please join me in praying for each person on my Fairy Notes list for May. To protect their privacy, I won’t share their personal details here. God knows what each recipient needs, He is just waiting for us to do our part. A note of encouragement or the prayers of a stranger can make all the difference to someone in need.

#lovenotesjb #lovenotesfairy



  1. A very special way to bring joy into their day. Prayed for each one, which brought to mind the scripture Matthew 6:6. ✉📬❤

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