Where are You From?

For the last week or so I have been in Cincinnati.  I grew up in the Greater Cincinnati area and have really enjoyed being able to reconnect with friends and family. BUT I have lived more that half of my life in Chicagoland. 

This begs the question, where am I from? Am I from Cincinnati because I was born here or am I from Chicago due to longevity? Or am I English because my family came to America on the Mayflower?

I guess the answer depends on who I am taking to, where the conversation is taking place & the context.

How would you answer, if someone asks you, “Where are you from?”

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  1. I would say I live in New York. My past isn’t important to the majority of conversations, nor is my background. Where I choose to live says the most about me. Where I’m from says more about my parents.

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  2. I still live in the town I was born in so am very much from there. A sleepy town in West Sussex in the UK. I love how God has all his people connected where ever we are from 😊 visiting back from fmf #2 thanks for the like and visit x

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  3. Yeah, it would vary greatly. If the person asking me was from India or USA, I would just say, Africa, East Africa, in Uganda. But if it is someone from Uganda, then I would get into specifics like the East, this district ,with my parents etc And even then it would vary with how close we are 🙂

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  4. Well, I was born in Detroit but never lived in Detroit. My parents came here from New England but then we found out that were originally from France by way of Canada. I love your perspective it really made me think. The important thing is that we know where we’re going.


  5. With my Dad having been in the Army, that used to be a hard question to answer. Although I have my roots in Goa, my ancestors moved to the southern city of Hyderabad two generations ago. And with a name like mine, it takes some explaining.

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  6. It depends on who I’m speaking with but usually I’d say I’m from England, having lived here for decades now. However, I could also say I’m from Nigeria. Both would be correct it just depends on the conversation.

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  7. This is a most interesting question. Of late, I have been saying, “Well, because I am a Navy child, I have lived all across the country, but was born in San Diego, CA, and spent high school and college year there.” As an adult, I continued living like I was still my father’s child and moved to Oregon, Texas, Virginia, Washington, DC, and soon to Colorado (in the next month and a half)! I find that sharing my meandering is part of me, I do believe. I taught in most of those places in one form or another and that becomes part of my narrative. Then, sometimes, I do throw in the genealogy mix, depending upon the person I am talking with and where the conversation goes: paternally, from Scotland, Ireland, and England; maternally from Italy, Ireland, England, and Germany. Bottom line…I am from God. He created me and has plopped me down hither and yon!

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