πŸ“£ Do – Da- Do – Do πŸ“£

I love that the final #FiveMinuteFriday prompt for 2021 is ANNOUNCE! It gave me the perfect opportunity to wrap up 2021 and transition into 2022.

In case this is your first time visiting this blog, my 2021 Word of the Year was ABIDE. It became evident that God had some amazing things to do in and through me this year. For more on my journey CLICK HERE or HERE.

About a month ago I started reading “announcements” of others regarding their chosen 2022 WOTY (Word of the Year). I started to panic (just a little) because I didn’t have any idea what my word should be.

But then it happened, just like it has for the last couple of years, I knew without a doubt what my next WOTY should be.

God has been faithful to not only give me the perfect WOTY but to teach me some amazing things through that word. Hence the progression from attitude-of-gratitude (2020) to abide (2021) to encouragement (2022). I am looking forward to whatever God has planned for the next twelve months.

Today you are ENCOURAGED to seek God’s guidance on selecting a WOTY for 2022. I offer you my prayers and ENCOURAGEMENT to trust Him, embrace your word & grow!


  1. Good word, Barb!
    Our church youth group used to focus on a word each year. Some I remember are “illuminate,” “impact,” and “one.” (One God, one truth, one life, one way…”) One of the youth leaders designed t-shirts each year for all of us to wear with the word of the year on them – You could do that, too!πŸ’‘

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