Day 75 & 76

29063484_2017507408461941_4067294425418563584_nLetourneau University included this graphic in the most recent issue of LETU Parent Buzz.  I love that this came out right before spring break as multiple teams prepared for mission trips.  The graphic says, “Your adult children have a great purpose, and it often takes great prayer to see great purpose come forth” – Stormie Omartin.

Our son, Mark, has gone on one of these trips for the last four years and has given several talks on the subject as well.

I pray for safe travels and for God to work miracles through each of the teams.  Every year I am in awe of the stories, I hear from the selfless young adults who give up the “traditional spring break experience” to do REAL Kingdom work.

Looking back on my college days, I wonder what would have happened if the University of Cincinnati had made spring break mission trips available to us. I realize the LETU is a Christian school & UC is a state school, and therefore, the culture is very different.  I still can’t help thinking….  “Would I have gone on such a trip?  Would any of my friends been willing to go with me? “

What about you?!?!?!

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