Matriarchs of Our Faith – Part I

PhI thought I would share this BLOG SERIES on Matriarchs of Our Faith from Wholly of Holies.     

Here is an excerpt”

The Choices of the Women of Genesis: Genesis 12:10-20

“For too long people looked at the decisions these women made in the book of Genesis with contempt. These women – these mothers of our faith – have been put under the harshest scrutiny. We look at them as women who made horrible choices against the “perfect” model of their patriarchal husbands. But if we do that, we are completely missing out on half of their culture.

So in the coming weeks, I want to unravel some of the decisions they make – one story at a time.”

To get started    CLICK HERE

One comment

  1. I have heard this story explained many different ways over the years and for that reason, I am thankful that Sarah has taken on this project.

    I look forward to diving deeper into the mysteries of our foremothers.


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