Where is Your Hope?

(Based on the May 30, 2018, message by Pastor Nathan Bargo)

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We use the word “HOPE” a lot these days. Dare I say we overuse it? We hope that there is still ice cream in the freezer when we get home. We hope that someone remembered to do the laundry. We hope that our loved one can hold on until we get to the hospital to say our goodbyes. Maybe we overuse it because we don’t really understand what hope is.

According to dictionary.com, hope can be defined as:

  • the feeling that what is wanted can be had that events will turn out for the best
  • to look forward to with desire and reasonable confidence
  • to believe, desire, or trust
  • to feel that something desired may happen

The dictionary and the English language can only do so much to help us understand the principles that our Heavenly Father wants to teach us in His Word. As I discussed in a prior post, a hard heart will prevent you from truly understanding many spiritual things. And I believe this is definitely true of “HOPE”.

Some things to think about regarding how you “process” hope:

What do you do when calamity strikes?

Everyone’s sin affects someone else!

Do we learn from history?

HOPE does not dwell on the negative.

HOPE is a decision, not a feeling.

HOPE should dwell on God & salvation through Christ.

HOPE supersedes bad news.

Nothing takes God by surprise.

HOPE chooses to rejoice no matter the circumstance.

HOPE brings joy because Christ is my Savior and Redeemer.

Until sin is vanquished, there will be calamities.

So I ask you, where is your hope? Is it in our Lord & Savior or is in the temporal things of earth?

For me “I Know My Redeemer Lives” and my HOPE is in Him alone.

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