I Think My Cat Needs His Own Blog!

You may think I am turning into the crazy cat lady but our cat, Mac & Cheese (Mac), has had quite the adventure over the few weeks.

To give you a frame of reference let me backtrack a bit.

We got Mac as a kitten in December 2015 to replace Shakespeare who we had loved for 16 years as he grew up with our human children. Mac and our other kitty Jasper became fast friends and spent most of their time playing, eating & sleeping together.

Fast forward to December 2017: Jasper who we had adopted as a rescue 6 or 7 years ago had finally had enough of this life and needed to be put to sleep.

For a while, Mac seemed to handle being the only non-human in the house fairly well. But then this spring, he started doing things like wanting us to be in the kitchen to “watch him eat” and he would cry for 10-15 minutes every time one of us left the house (even if everyone else was home).

So after a lot of discussion, we decided to find him a friend. Rachel & I went to a pet adoption event at our local Farm & Fleet looking for a kitten. Unfortunately, they did not have any kittens that day. We opted for another male cat named Archie who was fixed and the same age as Mac. Archie was rumored to get along well with other animals. The thing that none of us knew was that both Mac & Archie are alpha-males and the combination was volatile. So we had to return Archie to the shelter the following day.


It took Mac a few days to “forgive us” for bringing Archie “for a visit.” However, things did eventually return to what passes for normal in the Hegreberg household.

And then three nights ago we heard a loud crash in the middle of the night. We knew that Mac was somehow involved because he came thundering down the hallway and hid under our bed for about 12 hours. I was afraid to get up and see what had happened because I assumed the mess was in the kitchen and I was in no mood to be up half the night putting my cabinets back in order.

To my surprise, the kitchen was exactly as I had left it the night before. I scratched my head and tried to figure out what in the world had happened the previous night.

A little while later, as I headed to my office, coffee in hand, I discovered the source of the crash! The place where my beautiful “American Flag” quilt used to hang was now a blank wall. For those that have not been in my house, this quilt was displayed high in our two-story entryway.


Our best guess is that our champion mouser was on the prowl and thought he could get the mouse (or spider, or …) and then got his claws stuck in the quilt. In his struggle to free himself he brought the whole thing down on himself. A ceramic lantern that used to sit on top of the quilt rack was shattered all over the steps but the solid maple quilt rack and the decoupaged terra cotta flower pot, that one of the kids made for me long ago, survived the ordeal.

images (1)

Finally, last night around 1AM Rachel heard the unmistakable screech of a cat that is fighting with another animal through the screen. By the time she got downstairs, the screen was broken & Mac was outside. Once I realized what was going on, Mac was throwing himself against the screen in my office trying to get back into the house. Eventually, Rachel was able to catch him and bring him inside.

Mac is my Administrative Assistant

I wish I could say that the story ends there, but it does not.

Rachel & I spent the next two hours or so trying to dislodge the burrs from Mac’s legs & chest. We live in town; I have no idea where the burrs came from unless they were on his opponent or lurking in some hidden part of our lawn.

If you were Mac (or Monkey as we sometimes call him), would you want your own blog?


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