Wise Men Still Seek Him

Reblogged from The “F” Word

Over the weekend, I tried to get some Christmas shopping done. Went to the shops on Saturday and it was absolutely hectic in there with the crowd. I don’t do very well with crowded spaces and neither do I enjoy shopping very much so I was looking forward to finishing my task and getting home.

As I was sorting out what I had bought for my Nephews and gift wrapping them later, I was mentally picturing the eagerness with which they would rip open their gifts and the joy I would feel just watching them do that.

We all look forward to having a marvellous time at Christmas. Christmas is such a wonderful time but can also be very busy and stressful. Buying the right gifts without blowing the budget, cooking and hosting can make me quite stressful too as I would want everything to be just perfect (I have been working on that).

I am time and again reminded to keep the main thing, the main thing and that is Jesus. We all know that not everything goes to plan, some things will go just right and some things don’t. Let’s remember to keep the right perspective on things and put Jesus as the focal point of our celebrations, traditions and this entire season. When we do that, we enjoy all the moments, the ones that go perfectly and the ones that don’t.

The wise men travelled far to get a glimpse of baby Jesus, we read in Mathew 2:2, they ask “Where is the one who has been born King of the Jews?” May that be what we are looking for too this season.

In the midst of everything let us look to and hope in the light of Jesus.

Let us not stop at just looking to Jesus but seek Him. Many look to Jesus at this time, they attend church on Christmas day, sing carols and there ends the commitment. The wise men travelled a long distance just to get a glimpse of Jesus. They created time and space to seek Him out. We might be busy at this time of the year but that does not mean we should not carve out space for Him physically and mentally and have quiet time with the Lord and step closer to Him. So, this Christmas season ask yourself what are you seeking?

Christmas can also be about what we GET but another thing that we can learn from the wise men is what can I GIVE/BRING?

The wise men came bearing gifts for Jesus – Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. These gifts presented to Jesus was an act of worship. Getting a glimpse of the Lord was of so much importance for them and the gifts were symbolic of the value of seeing the king of the Jews.

So, this Christmas season, let us think about the acts of worship we can demonstrate. Let not the busyness or the stress rob us of the opportunities to worship Jesus. And also think about how we can bring value to others, it is not about what we get but more about what we can bring or give to others. For example, a small word or act of kindness or generosity can fill someone with joy and give them a glimpse of the incredible hope in Jesus and be our act of worship.

As we dive into this season let us remember:

  • To look for Jesus in everything
  • To carve the time and space and seek Him no matter how busy you get
  • And it is more about giving than what one is getting

God Bless