Giving God Opportunity

Should I be a warrior or a child?

Plain Speaking Ministries


Very often we are so laser focused on walking in faith and being a soldier for God, we forget to let God minister to us. We choose our words carefully, intending to only speak words of faith. We want to look, speak, act like we don’t have doubts or fears. Any false move, and we might lose ground. We certainly don’t want anyone else to know how much the pressures of life are getting to us.

Maybe that’s not been your experience. It’s been mine more than once. I get caught up in thoughts of staying on target, staying focused, believing God. My belief morphs into an act of my will. I’m peddling as hard as I can, or should I say treading water as hard as I can.

Okay, let me stop with the metaphors and speak plainly. Sometimes, I’m worried about an issue. I want to be in…

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  1. I like to be a child. When I start thinking warrior, I get into a fight that has already been won. Not to say there isn’t a time when I stand strong in confidence of whose I am and declare His promises, of course. Thanks for reposting, Barb.

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