No, Not Ever!

The Mark Of The Beast {RFID Chip} In A Dream

Reblogged from God’s Love

Have you or anyone you know considered getting an RFID chip implanted? Watch this video before you make a life altering decision.

Do people even know what the mark of the beast really mean? Do people know how the mark can harm them? GOD doesn’t like the mark. This mark of the beast is something that will start to mind control you. You know once you get that mark, there is nothing you can do about. The only person that you want to follow is GOD. GOD is the one that can save you from the beast. Don’t take the mark or it will be the worse choice that you will ever make in your life. Choose GOD above all and ask him to forgive you. Don’t take something that was made to kill you. Listen to the dream that this girl had about the mark of the beast. Follow GOD not the beast.

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