Weathering the Storm

Dealing With The Storms Of Life

Reblogged from Becoming the Oil & the Wine

There will always be storms in this world both physical and spiritual.

To overcome the storms depend on how you prepare for it. Every year, the Caribbean looks forward to another hurricane season.

As long as this world lasts, the seasons will revolve. Hence, adequate preparation is always necessary to survive the storms, both the literal and spiritual storms of life.

How do you deal with the storms in your life?

First, you must recognize that there is no storm that God cannot take you through.

Your safety will depend on your connection with God.

The Lord Jesus Christ has established a pattern that His followers should follow.

In the two encounters that Jesus had with a literal storm on the sea, He rebuked the wind and He calmed the sea (Luke 8:22-25; Mark 4:36-41).

Satan, the enemy of your soul, has arranged an array of powers against you.

You, therefore, have to be knowledgeable of the powers that are for you and use it against the devil.

In the midst of your storms, the devil will constantly remind you of your nakedness.

But, the Lord will rebuke the devourer for your sake and all you need to do is resist the devil and he will flee from you (Malachi 3:11; James 4:7).

Speak life in the midst of your storms and try not to retaliate in fury and strike the rock.

When your ways please the Lord even your enemies will be at peace with you (Proverbs 16:7).

Therefore, ensure that you always adorn yourself in the glory of God.

Your praise is not only a deadly weapon against the enemies but it will give you peace as you sail through the storm.

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