A New Day!



What a wonderful approach to “new beginnings”. Baby steps are much more manageable & easier to stick to, therefore we have a better chance of success.

What are you going to start today?

The Sun Shineth Again!



To state the obvious, it’s a new year. For some, a new year is an opportunity to start over, to begin, to take a leap, & etc. Each day is a new day and a chance to start.

What is it that you have been putting off but need to start? Don’t wait till tomorrow, next week, or next month to begin. Start today. Start now. Every second counts! Whether you start tomorrow or next week, the time will still pass, so why not start now?

Where you are is tired of you. It’s time to make a shift. For there to be a physical shift, first, a mental shift must take place. This shift requires action—a simple but mighty decision of making up your mind to start and believing that you can. After the mental, comes the physical. What are you doing to ensure that this time…

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