Through the Eyes of a Child (or a Pet)

Doesn’t that smile warm your heart 🥰

Embrace the Wonder

Reblogged from Reflections from an Open Window

If you spend some time with little children, or share the company of your dog, you are immediately struck with a realization; life is better when you embrace the wonder of the world around you, and make room for some playful moments.

Even with all the ‘bad news’ we hear on the television, there is a potential for ‘sunny skies’ in our own lives; we just have to open our hearts and minds to the possibilities. There will always be things happening outside of our control. There will always be problems.

Truth be told, there are many reasons to celebrate life whatever the circumstances. Scripture reminds us of this truth: “This is the day the Lord has made. Let us be glad and rejoice in it.”(Psalm 118:24.) It does not say to rejoice when all the problems in the world are fixed. It does not say to celebrate when you yourself have a perfect life. On the contrary, we are asked to celebrate the gift of life on a daily basis, come what may.

When I think of my dog playing in the snow, I cannot help but feel happy. She is so excited to dig holes, and come out with her black nose covered in white crystals. She simply enjoys the magic of a snowy day, the element of surprise just waiting to be discovered in the next snow drift.

Dogs and children do not need to be taught mindfulness. They know where the fun is and how to find it. They can make a new friend in a matter of minutes. They also know that fun does not have to cost a lot of money. It just needs the investment of time…time spent appreciating the present joy in your midst.

We can practice this mindfulness gift we once knew instinctively. We can practice this gift of falling in love with our lives, one moment at a time. It is an art form as we age and one worth cultivating. Even when everything is not as ‘perfect’ as we would like, it is still an art we can pursuit.

Perfection is an illusion. The harder you strive for it, the more it alludes you. And, it robs you of joy. It steals your happy moments. Children and dogs just take life as it happens; crumbs spill to the ground and they happily eat what has fallen, no questions asked.

January is the month of new beginnings and resolutions. Why not resolve to be mindful of the little pockets of happiness tucked into our days? Why not remember that being playful is good for our health and well-being? It can’t hurt to dabble in something fun, like painting, or planning a summer garden. It does not have to take up hours of your time; you just need to plan for it in your calendar to make it happen.

Life really is as good as we make it. The child in us remembers how to celebrate the seemingly ordinary; and yet, the ordinary is really extraordinary. We know the fun we had running barefoot in the grass. We remember splashing in puddles, and not worrying if our clothes got a little wet. We knew the magic of wishing on a shooting star, and the excitement of blowing out our birthday candles.

All the wishes still count. The magic is still there. Now is the time to celebrate the wonder all around us. We know it exists in the smiles of both the young and the old, in the dawn of each new day, whether it raining, or clear and sunny.

The choice is ours. We must vow to remember that it is not too early or too late for any of those birthday wishes to come true, new or old. We must vow to remember that the light twinkling in our own hearts can change the world. We must believe as children do, that the best is yet to come.

And why not celebrate the wonder of this awesome life God has gifted us with? John 10:10: “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” We are so blessed, and the blessings are without end!


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