Just Stop It

Black or white…male or female….rich or poor….whatever our differences, we need to cut out all types of bias from our thinking & look at people through God’s eyes.

Dealing With Racism And Prejudice

Benjamin Lee

Dealing with Racism and Prejudice

“Why do we even have to talk about racism? Wouldn’t it better if we just didn’t say anything?” I know some think this way because a brother in Christ said those words to me a few years ago. I was teaching a class on this subject. I appreciate him sharing with me how he felt. What do you think? Should we talk about the problem of racism anymore?

Racism is a problem that continues to exist. We hear about it in the news. There are discussions on it on social media. In 2018, I held a meeting in Tennessee. It was on navigating cultural storms. One of the topics I discussed was racism. I learned one of the members who is black was attending the University of Memphis. She lived in a dorm on campus. Someone wrote some racist words on her dorm door.


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