After Winter Comes Spring

The Art of Patience

Reblogged from Reflections From an Open Window

It is a funny thing in life; we often cultivate patience with others, but have little left over for ourselves. We tell our friends and family members to take a break, get more sleep, nourish their bodies and souls. We worry about our children, our aging parents, our neighbors, our friends. We want them to slow down a bit, enjoy life more, stop and smell the roses in the garden of life. We do not want them to demand so much of themselves that daily living becomes a grind; we want them to focus on the big picture, and take little steps each day to make their dreams come true.

It is winter now, but still, the garden blooms. It blooms with the expectation of what will be. It is as if the little seedlings beneath the ground are shouting: “Just wait! I am coming! And this year, I will be even more beautiful than ever before.”

But, it will take time. So many things worth having in this life take time…We must endure the hardships of ‘winter’ in our lives; there are setbacks, health problems, broken dreams, to name just a few.

Still, deep down inside of us, the seedlings of hope are screaming out to us: “Hey, don’t give up! Have a little patience. The best and most beautiful blooms in your life are coming.”

Often, we must remind ourselves that ‘spring’ does live inside our souls. With the help of God, we have all we need to bloom. Unfortunately, there are bitter frosts, and untold happenings along the way in life. And so, we must persevere when the ground beneath our feet feels frozen. A thaw will come and we must wait it out.

This winter, my daffodils bloomed out of season. It is not time for them to bloom. Imagine that! Things blooming when they should not! It is winter, and yet, the warm sun nudged the daffodils along, and here they are!

Perhaps, you and I, are like that too. Maybe, things are blooming within us when we least expect. The warm sun nudges us too… It is the love of God that pushes us forward, winter-weary souls that need His light.

We must be patient with the work this gardener does in our lives. He sees the whole picture. He sees the resplendent colors, the dawn of a new day, the unfolding of our lives in vivid panoramic view.

We see only a part of the picture. Each day, we must do all that we can to keep that garden flourishing. We must do for ourselves what we most want for our beloveds; we must nourish our bodies and souls.

Winter is upon us. There are days when we are very tired. What can we do as a new day begins? We yawn and stretch, drink our coffee, and plan our day. What can we do to bring about spring, deep within us, in the quiet hours of the early morning?

We pray. Only in this way, can we make the right decisions. Our souls need conversation with God. He loves to hear from us…all the little and big things matter to Him.

We tend to our bodies. We do not need to run a marathon. We need to listen to our bodies and give them what they need. Sometimes, it is rest. Sometimes, it is a lot of activity. We must strike a balance and learn to be aware when something simply is not right.

We practice patience with ourselves. We remember to take our time and celebrate our successes. We forgive ourselves when we feel we could have done better.

Most of all, we keep our hopes high. Our blooms matter. We are needed in the garden of life. We do our best, and that is all we can ask of ourselves. With patience on our part, the Gardener works his magic. His seedlings sprout and look to Him for light. There is mystery and beauty; a plan unfolds, winter or summer, blooms only God Himself could create.

Romans 12:12: “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”