Are You Listening?

Do not let the noise rob you of hearing & obeying God’s call.

Always Listen and Obey the Still Small Voice

Reblogged from The Inspiration Room

This morning my heart is filled with gratitude. I am amazed and grateful for the unimaginable great compassion of God to me, I cannot fathom it. I am grateful that God gives a second chance when I have failed Him. I failed him most recently by being disobedient to the command of the still small voice. The consequences followed but God in his mercies have been gracious to me. My experience taught me a valuable lesson: whenever you hear the still small voice just obey.

From my most recent experience I realized that it is sometimes easy to miss the still small voice and discard a warning. My encouragement to you this morning is this: always listen and willingly obey the prompting of the Holy. God is not man that he should lie. Put your trust in him and obey the commands of the one who never fails.

For most of us our cell phones are always with us, some of us have learned a new skill known as selective answering. Very often I see people doing this, their cell phone rings, they look at it, see who is calling them and in a split second decide whether or not they are going to answer. This is being selective in whose call you answer. We may think certain calls are not worth our time and attention. It is easy to ignore it and there might not be any serious consequences, however, whenever we ignore the still small voice we are heading for trouble.

The result of disobeying the voice of God is always disastrous. We may experience physical pain as the result of our disobedience, but the worst pain is that which is emotional. God knows what it best for us but we do not always listen. Instead, so often we ignore his gentle nudge and do things our own way. God chooses the best direction, time, and way. Whenever we ignore the still small voice and we go in an opposite direction, or do things our way, we miss his best and suffer deep regret. As we look back at our choices we are filled with thoughts of if only I’d done this or not done that.

I have experiences when I realize that I did not listen and I am most grateful for the countless experiences I have had when I did. There is such beauty and blessings in listening to him. When we listen to, and willingly obey the still small voice, things unfold mysteriously. Let me be able to hear your voice Lord and never ignore your command. Speak Lord, I am listening.

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Until we meet again in this space…much love and blessings.

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