You May Have Noticed…

Lately I have been reblogging & sharing a lot of content written by others. The reason for this two-fold. The first is that I believe good content needs to be shared. Secondly, I have begun to notice a trend or theme if you will. God seems to be leading many of us in the same direction; away from doubt and fear toward complete and utter dependence on His will.

Complete surrender can be very scary and fear left unencumbered can turn quickly to disobedience and sin. Consider the following:

JONAH – God asked him to minister to the people of Nineveh. But Jonah did not think they were worthy of God’s love, so he tried to run away from God. God took drastic measures to get Jonah’s attention (but did not violate Jonah’s will). Jonah finally obeyed & the city of Nineveh was saved. (Read the whole story HERE)

ISREALITES – While Moses was on the mountain with God learning how to lead the people (10 Commandments) the Isrealites worried that he was not coming back. They convinced Aaron to make them an idol to worship. (Read about the golden calf)

How about when the people lamented leaving Egypt where food was abundant. They did not appreciate the mannah & quail that God was providing. He eventually gave them more quail then they could ever eat, followed by a plague. (See Exodus 16 & Numbers 11)

PETER – What do we say about someone who spent three years with Jesus but let his fear of punishment lead him to deny even knowing Jesus three times in one night. ( See Matthew 26:34-75)

ABRAHAM & SARAH – Fear & lack of trust (impatience) came up more than once in the lives of Abraham & Sarah. In Genesis 20, Abraham lied and said that Sarah was his sister because he feared that he would be killed in order for Abimelech to take Sarah for himself.

God promised Abraham & Sarah that their family would be as numerous as the stars in the sky. When they heard this they laughed ( translated as disbelief). (see Genesis 17:17 & Genesis 18:12) Eventually they got tired of waiting, Sarah convinced Abraham to sleep with her servant Hagar in hopes of starting a family. Flash forward…Hagar is the mother of Ishmael & Sarah is the mother of Isaac. The result was a less than happy family. (Story starts in Genesis 16)

JOSEPH – Talk about a disfunctional family. Joseph’s father favored him over his siblings (i.e. the coat of many colors) The brothers sold Joseph into slavery & covinced their father that Joseph was dead (See Genesis 37).

Although these stories contain doubt, fear, impatience & jealousy they illustrate that God can use any situation for good.

Jonah did a great work in Nineveh.

Moses’ 40 years in the dessert shows as how to love others regardless of their actions.

Peter served as the lead apostle after Jesus’ crucifixion & resurrection.

Abraham is considered to be the father of the Jewish nation.

Joseph rose to power and had mercy on his brothers when they were impacted by a seven year famine.

What do all of these stories have in common? No matter how things started out for them. each of these people surrendered their lives to serving our Lord.

Have you fully surrendered or are you stuck in doubt & fear? If it’s the latter, I pray you make the choice to surrender TODAY!