How Many Links Are in Your Chain?

Beautiful Hearts

Reblogged from Reflections from an Open Window

It is almost February, the month which brings us Valentine’s Day, and the celebration of all those ‘beautiful hearts’, in our lives. Valentine’s Day is for sweethearts, but it is more than that. Valentine’s Day reminds us of how special all of our beloveds are.

When we were children, we made Valentine’s cards out of red construction paper and lace. We delivered them to our classmates at school, and perhaps, to our friends and family.

I also remember making paper chains with red and white paper…not unlike the chains we made for the Christmas tree. These were ‘Valentine chains’, chains of love, with our beloveds names on the rings.

It came to me this January day, what a great idea those chains were. Each ring was a remembrance of someone who mattered deeply to us. In fact, if they made it onto your Valentine chain, they were pretty important people!

We all have those people God has given to us that ‘light up’ our lives. Valentines Day is the perfect day for list-making and thanking God for these very people. Either on a sheet of paper, or simply in your mind, it is a good time to thank God for each of these beloveds, one name at a time. They may be here with you, or they may already be in heaven. Love is love, no matter the location of the beloved.

Life can be very hard, and we all have our ‘blue moments’. Where would we be without the people in our lives who cheer us on, call to check on us, make us laugh when we want to cry, shower us with love all the time?

The people who love us are gifts from God. He wants to give us a taste of heaven; He wants us to know joy here and now. And so, He sprinkles our lives with our beloveds, friends and family that make life worth living. It is a very hard road when we try to make it alone!

When we go out into the world, we may sometimes feel very ‘ordinary’. We need to remember the ‘Valentine chain’ of beloveds that God has blessed us with. To them, we are anything but ordinary. What we do, and how we live, matters a great deal to them; our happiness matters to them.

Just as we made those paper Valentine chains years ago, there is always room to add more links. (This year I added two more rings; one for each of my new-born grandchildren.) All the rings matter, and if one link needs a bit of attention, we can fix that.

May February be a time when we remember our beloveds…from the tiny tots to the elderly. May it be a time for remembering that our ‘Valentine chains of love’, will last from now until eternity. It is a chain that can only become more beautiful with age; moreover, it is the legacy of a life well-lived, a lifetime full of love.

1 Corinthians 13:13: “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

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