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Guard Your Heart

Reblogged from And So She Sang

A known saying, “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.” But what does the Bible say about expressing every opinion you have in your heart? Did you know our emotions travel 80,000 times faster than our thoughts travel?

Makes sense why when something bad happens we immediately feel raw and uncensored emotion, but we aren’t able to think clearly enough to make a decision on who to call or what to do. All reasonable and practical thinking arrives in our nerve center long after the emotion has already expressed itself. It’s hard to take a second to make a conscious decision in the heat of an emotional moment.

We have to make the decision to submit to the fruit that is only found in the Holy Spirit. Most people tend to make decisions out of feeling rather than out of principle. I think we live in a time where its easier to base your decisions on your emotions, because “If we feel it, it must be true.”

It’s not comfortable to make the decisions day to day based off what is biblical and what God wants for us. It isn’t always easy. There is little in life that is of more importance than securing control of your heart issues.

“Your heart does not want to be guarded. It desires to loudly express itself and all of its opinions. Your heart is passionate about ventilating, vomiting and vocalizing every little feeling it has ever experienced. The Bible never says that we are allowed to express everything that is in our heart- it simply says to guard it.”

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