When the Helper Feels Helpless

A poem reblogged from Just a Jesus Girl

Been especially tired of late. Just some thoughts as I deal with the cantankerous side of living with physical limitations…🙂

Lord, want to be doing.

Want to be moving.

Want to be seeking.

Instead, here I sit stewing,

A vast little proving,

And deeper purpose?-

Long, long years ago it seems

Since I was peaking!

Oh, I know that’s not really so!

But, oh, Lord, I am tired!

Body and soul are fizzling.

The “shoulds” all pop like a

Stovetop sizzling!

But, nevertheless,

I confess, I am feeling…


Lofty words are coming


Supposed to be a helpmate.

Yet, why am I made so helpless

To so many tasks?

Perhaps, mine is not meant to

Fret on how I feel I don’t equate.

Yet, in me still exists this


A burning to ask…

Some days, maybe, it’s just the

World’s arbitrary demands

That are too much weight

For me.

If go based upon such a heavy slate,

I will never be able to pony up

The fee…

Yet, I know Your hand,

Ever there it is to heal and to


Though, in the physical realm,

The tiredness is sometimes,

Oftentimes, known to remain,

You, too, remain,

Ever there to guide and to


And ever worthy of

Highest praise-

That which You lend me strength

To give, so sweet and so free,

No matter what persists


And You gently remind how

I will feint not!

As I step into Your existence,

To feel the reassuring touch long sought,

And You call out the praiser

Yet inside of me…

Lord, want to be doing,

Want to be moving,

Want to be seeking

Yet, you remind me Your purpose

Above all else is what counts

In the midst of humanity’s

Desperate eking…


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