Everything Is Not Okay

I really appreciate Benjamin’s perspective in this piece.

Benjamin Lee

“Then I said to them, ‘You see the bad situation we are in, that Jerusalem is desolate and its gates burned by fire. Come, let us rebuild the wall of Jerusalem so that we will no longer be a reproach.’” Nehemiah 2:17

I love the book of Nehemiah. If you’ve read my blogs or listened to any of my sermons, then you’ve heard me say that in the past. Nehemiah was a great man! He was a great leader. He was a man of prayer (see his prayer in Nehemiah 1).

He was a man of action (read Nehemiah 2). He went to Jerusalem to help his people who were in great need. He didn’t sugar coat the issue. He assessed the situation in Nehemiah 2:11-16. He was honest with the people about the situation in Nehemiah 2:17.

But, he was also confident. Consider the following statements from Nehemiah.


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