A Small Act of Kindness

I borrowed this story from my neighbors Facebook page, I dare you to read it without a tissue.

You guys will never believe this…..Read!!❣

We were just sitting in our office watching our churches streaming message this am…When our doorbell rang…. A lady we didn’t recognize was standing on our doorstep in tears!!??

My husband opened the door…And you will never guess what she said…..
She asked who did the beautiful sidewalk chalk art in front of our house… And when my husband told her it was his wife and kids… She began crying… Saying that she was having a terrible day… And she went for a walk…And when she happened upon our house and the inspirational messages all over the sidewalks she broke down in tears because they meant so much to her and lifted her spirits!!!

You guys!! A few minutes of our time and a few pennies worth of sidewalk chalk literally ministered to someone SO MUCH it brought them to tears!
Not to mention the fact—That this encounter was such an AMAZING experience and teaching tool for my children! It started a discussion with them on how little things matter… And acts of kindness, no matter how small, create good in the world, AND we hope this encounter might eventually lead to being able to tell her about the love of Christ❤

You will NEVER know how a small act of kindness–ESPECIALLY in a time like this–Profoundly affects someone!

“Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven you.”

Eph. 4:32

Like the littles said “Be the good for someone today.”

Happy Sunday



  1. Oh, what a wonderful thing it is when God uses something so simple to touch another’s heart! Thank you for sharing this! By the way, I absolutely love chalk art! It’s always been a favorite thing to do with my kiddos! 😊

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