Keep ’em Safe

Our neighborhood Facebook group has been full of suggestions for safe activities for the kiddos in our neighborhood.The book We’re Going on a Bear Hunt inspired one such game last week. To help the kids with their hunt, we put a large white teddy bear in our bay window. The familes then reported back on how many bears they found.Last night’s activity was to put out luminaries to honor the first responders & medical personnel who live here.Our church (which is in our neighborhood) usually does a huge Easter Egg Hunt, complete with lunch and tons of prizes. I was kind of sad that we are not able to host it this year. Then we got “invited” to an Easter Egg Walk. All I had to do was print out some HUGE decorated eggs and hang them in my front windows. We are also going to put a bucket of trinkets on the front porch to add to the fun of the newfangled Easter Egg Hunt.What have you/can you do in your neighborhood? I would love to have other ideas to share.


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