An Evangelism “How-To”

One of the texts that I used when studying for my jail chaplaincy certification was Tell the Truth: The Whole Gospel Wholly by Grace Communicated Truthfully & Lovingly by Will Metzger. It is said to be “an evangelism training manual for group and individual use. “

Below is the summary that I wrote of the Introduction: The Doctrine is the Drama & Part One – The Whole Gospel:Lost and Found

This text is written in very “high-brow” language and can be hard to absorb in large doses. That being said, there is a lot of great insight into the dos & don’ts of modern evangelism. I spent a good bit of time focusing on the difference between “me-centered” vs “God-centered” approaches. It all boils down to balance; swinging too far to the right or left of any approach will lead to either chasing away your audience or birthing a whole crop of “Christians” who really are not saved at all. All evangelical messages should be rooted in scripture and covered in prayer. Do not sugarcoat the truth and do not under emphasize the wages of sin.

If you are up for a challenge during this time of self-quarantine, I suggest you give this text a try. It will not be an easy read. However, if you put the time in, I promise it will be worth the effort.


  1. This is very profound. I like when you said that we should not sugarcoat the truth, and neither should we minimize the wages of sin.
    This sounds like a really interesting book.
    I like the title of the book. We need to tell the truth, and communicate lovingly. 🤗

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