The Disconcerting Silence

The metaphor in the piece below will stick with me for a long time. Let me know what you think.


I found meaning in everything around me – the people I cared for, the jobs I did, the organizations I belonged to…I forgot to look inside.

When all of those things are stripped away and I am left in the disconcerting silence, pondering who I am, the urge grips me to just busy myself with something else. Find meaning in that.

But not this time.

I have been happily trying to make sense of this “alone” time, using it as best I can to learn how to help my students, stick to my little routines of health and fitness, and do a bit more reading than I usually have time for.  

But in the midst of this time on my own, suddenly I channel thoughts that say “I am not important to anyone.”  Or ones that whisper “Everyone else is special except for you” or even “I don’t like myself”…

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  1. Hi ! Thanks for posting this. It is profound, and shares insights into why some people are uncomfortable in stillness, and in silence.
    Let us remember that we are God’s children, and we are never alone, for the Lord told us that he is always with us. (Matthew 28:20)

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