The Wall

Today I hit a brick wall.Over the last few weeks, I have completed quite a few big projects. I have cleaned, sorted & organized most of my house. For the most part I have taken the lockdown order in stride.But something changed today. I am not sure what brought on my funk, but I do know that after 6 weeks at home, I am more than ready for this pandemic to be over. Don’t get me wrong, I realize there are many who are worse off than me.Father, help me count my blessings instead of my loss.


  1. Barb, I have hit a wall today as well. Starting Monday where I live we MUST wear a mask at all times when we are outside our home. If I take my puppy out, wear a mask. If I go for a run or drive my car, wear a mask. I do care about the health of others and myself, but all of this is just starting to get to me. Please know Barb, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! Love and prayers!!

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    • Thank-you so much. I hesitated about putting this out there, but I felt like Hod was telling me to do it. We are not at the mandatory mask stage yet, but I am sure it’s coming. Wisconsin (where our daughter lives) has just extended their lock down order through May 26th. I will pray for you, my friend as we navigate this sci-fi movie we are living in.

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  2. That is so relatable. I was going ok too but I seem to have a similar feeling and know that everyone has days that are like that. Here in Australia they just extended it for another 4 weeks. We will get through this.
    Stay safe Barb.
    Manu 😊

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  3. Some days are harder than others and while I now work 3 days, it is nowhere near where I used to . I was actually accustomed to being home 3 days a month. So this is not my norm … thank God for WordPress.

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  4. Stay safe! Here where I live they started having us wear face masks, which I find unsettling for some strange reason. Also, am I the only person who started humming Pink Floyd when reading the title?

    Anyways, good day 🙂

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    • We aren’t to the mandatory mask phase yet, but they did announce today that ALL schools in the state are closed for the rest of the school year.

      Your Pink Floyd comment brought a smile to my face. I constantly have snippets of songs running through my head because my brain looks for song lyrics in every sentence. 🎵🎶🎵

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