He is Near

The two poems below are from Melly the Blogger . If you like them, follow the link to see some of her other work

My Soul Cries For My Father

He is real.
I felt his divine hand draw me out of the waves.
I felt his presence leading my way.
I felt his sweet voice while I would pray.
He told me "I am here to stay."


Because she ate the fruit that was poisonous to the souls of all mankind  
It left me separated, Father and child. 
This separation left a hole in my heart.
It is my nature to find what I am missing.
Yet I didn't know what belonged in the hole in my heart.
Like a missing piece that was burned by the poison of the fruit.
Lost and unaware.
I went chasing all directions the dark spirits lead me to.
Drugs, alcohol, sex, relationships, money.
Yet nothing fit in my heart and all left me to die in a dark, dry and desolate dessert.
I knew I was empty.
I didn't know the divine treasure that was meant to dwell within me.
I didn't know I was temple that was meant to be filled with The Holy One.
I was created to bond, to be connected with He.
He who is a jealous God.
Fury fills him against the evil idols that fills the beautiful temple he created for himself.
His life is what my heart was crying for.
I missed my Father.
Though my temple was filthy with deception and guilt he went to the ends of the earth to find me.
He died so I didn't have to pay the price of my many many sins.
Now I know my soul was crying for him.
I am child.
I am a daughter who needs her Heavenly Father.
My God and Father is the missing piece to my heart.
Only His divine hands can repair the damage of the poisonous fruit


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