{Trapped Inside with Humor-Rich Teenagers}

If you have ever lived with a teenager, you will laugh out loud at the latest post from My Word Soup

My Word Soup

I live with 4.75 teenagers. These were once my babies and now are unique creatures who occasionally resemble fragrant, helpful allies and other days pose as smelly, ungrateful strangers.

Like dependent joeys, they once hovered around me for transportation, food and internet passwords. Now some of them drive cars, buy their own chips and stop whispering when I walk into a room. 

“What did you say? Who’s doing what?” I plead like a pitiful toddler. Life has cruelly circled around — I am now the one who craves to be let in on secrets and it is I who must take naps.

One of my teenagers currently displays an unusual, robotic sense of humor — like when he greets me at breakfast by pointing sharply at me and saying:

Target Acquired.

We discussed respect / disrespect today. Sometimes I ask him to complete a chore and he jokingly answers:


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  1. Very amusing! I don’t have teenagers, but I know people who do and they can relate to this. I was also a teenager myself MANY years ago and I can remember doing similar things. The Lord blesses parents with many happy / funny occasions 🙂

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