Bus #4 to the Rescue

School Supplies All Packed & Ready to Go

When you work for an agency like Head Start, you are sometimes called upon to go above & beyond the scope of your “normal” duties. With the implementation of distance learning it quickly became apparent that some of our families may not have the the basic supplies that they needed to participate in the daily lessons the teacher were preparing. Our management team ordered the needed supplies and each site director (with the help of their families) packed the book bags with paper, crayons, water color paints, pencils & even some sidewalk chalk. That’s when the fun began, I was blessed to be able to lead the “parade” with my bus. As I drove my bus route, the teachers followed behind me. Even though we had to maintain adequate social distancing it was wonderful to see the kids and their families. The smiles on their precious little faces brought a little sunlight back into my world.


Miss T & Miss Lemus in Front of Bus 4


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