The 5 Stages of Consecration

Our Sunday Night Bible Study Group just completed The 5 Stages of Consecration video series by Bruce Wilkinson of Teach Every Nation.

The website says:

“Live The Spiritual Life That Makes Heaven Applaud!

Consecration. It’s a word that used to be common, that you don’t hear much today.

But what does consecration mean? By definition, it is:

1) The act of dedicating yourself to the service and worship of God.
2) To make holy or dedicate to a higher purpose.
3) Association with the sacred.

In short, consecration is the amount of your unconditional surrender to God.”

The beauty of this study is that it begins with the basics in order for everyone from a seeker to a longtime Christ follower to be on the same page. Bruce is VERY good at sharing truth and explaining things in a way that kept me engaged.

Besides the video segments, there are built-in pauses for discussion. The course is set up in 8 sessions but it can easily be broken into smaller chunks. I highly recommend doing this as some of the recorded portions are quite lengthy.

If you really want to understand the concept of consecration and how to go deeper in your walk with God, I encourage you to take this course. You can do it alone or with a small group. You could even stream the videos & then meet via Skype, ZOOM, or other such service for the discussion. You will be glad you did, I promise!!

May God bless you on your journey to FULLY surrender to your Heavenly Father. ✝️


  1. Bruce Wilkinson is such a great teacher. I look forward to getting into this study, it’s kind of a “nail biter” for me time-wise, but I don’t want to miss this opportunity. Anyway, thanks so much for sharing this study, consecration is not a word we hear much anymore, but need to. Blessings!

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