Always There! by Ruelha

This is the second poem I’ve come across today that speaks of the omnipresence of God.

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When I was fallen down in despair,
I could see Him; 
He was there.

When I was feeling happy and girly,
And ignored Him for all things worldly.
Rummaging through my cupboard,
And wondering what to wear.
I'll tell you something, 
He was there.

When I sinned in the dark right there,
Twisted His heart, oozing blood for Him to bear.
When I walked past Him like footwear,
Ignoring His voice, 
He was still there.

No, I won't leave Him.
Though I don't trust myself to win.
When temptations in my ears rings.
The devil in whispers chimes and sings.
He's always there.

Even when I want Him out of my hair.
And even if I, 
from Him take a break.
He'll be there when I fall and awake.
He knows all about me that's real and fake.
Yet He always comes back for my sake.

It's not really a two way street.
As you see my side of the road isn't all neat.
But He's always there.

Even though I don't play fair.
He's been my friend and father; 
He's been there.
And sometimes, my God - He's been my teddy bear.

When I turn back and look at Jesus
Although dark be the storm
Somehow I always overcome.
There are times the world just looks at me.
Like some damaged piece of property.
Like some defective piece and they stare.
But I rest in the assurance that 
He is there


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