10 Things & ABC’s

Thank you Ruelha for nominating me for the 10 Things That Make Me Happy Tag. The tag line in blog says “As long as there’s breath, there will always be HOPE because nothing is pre-written and nothing cannot be re-written!” I love that! Her blog is an eclectic mix of poetry, Bible Study, hair/makeup/fashion tips, cooking etc. CLICK HERE to go to her blog.

To see Ruelha’s original post CLICK HERE

I decided to put a little different spin on this tag:

From April 3, 2020 – 10 Things

From May 29, 2020 – Ten of My Favorite Feelings Tag

From June 14 2020 – The ABC’s of Joy

I recently discovered a new blog called The Stone & The Oak. Her blog is a combination of interviews that she calls “Sips & Scripts”, Crafting & her love for Jesus. Why not check out her blog today.

If you want to play along and list “10 things” or make an “ABC’s of Joy” list go for it!! Have fun with it! But most of all look to Our Father in Heaven for REAL Joy.




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