Go Ahead…Take the Next Step

I read a lot of online content but when it comes to reading longer pieces, I prefer to read them the old fashioned way. You know what I mean, ink on paper instead of pixels on a screen.

I was recently given a free copy of the e-book Step Out of Your Doubt & Into Your Calling (Walking Boldly in God’s Plans for Your Life) by Doris Swift. I knew I didn’t have time to read it at the time; so I immediately printed it, stapled the corner & set it aside.

Today, I read it! What a great little book. It would be a perfect text to share with the procrastinators & the fence-sitters in your life who are too scared to take that next step.

The sections in the book are:

Part I : Feeling the Call – Feeling the Doubt

Part II : Your Calling May Call for a Change

Part III : Walking Deeper in Truth

A Call to Action

Sharing the Message

CLICK HERE for your copy of the book.

You can also:

Follow her blog dorisswift.com.

Join her Walking Deeper Facebook Community

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