Any More Questions or Comments?

As most of you know, I recently put out a survey via the blogiverse & Facebook.

There were some questions about what radio station pledge drives, Christian music, and the types of books that y’all read. That blog was The Time Has Come.

In the second installment, I spent time Answering Your Questions.

Some of my dear readers have asked for more of this type of Q&A. So, I am opening it up once more. Feel free to answer one (or more) of the questions below in the comment section or send me  an email from my Contact Page. I will do my best to be 💯% frank & relevant with my answers.

1) Is there something that you really want to know about me?

2) Is there a topic that I have written about that you think needs more depth or explanation?

3) Within the categories that I utilize on my Home Page which ones need more work?

4) Or anything else?


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