I want to say thank you to Mrs. Holliman who blogs at God’s Love for tagging me . Why not stop by today & check out her latest posts? This tag was created by Purple Rose from the blog, A Reluctant Preacher’s Daughter.

The “Rules”:

  1. Thank the person who tagged you and include link to their post
  2. Link the original post (The Thirteenth Disciple Tag) and give credit to the creator of this tag, Purple Rose.
  3. Answer the 13 questions asked by Purple Rose
  4. Tag as many people as you like
  5. Use the original tag image as the FEATURED image on your post:

The Questions: (Answers Copied from my 8/1 Tag)

1. Which disciple is your favorite?

Probably Peter, because I often run my mouth before thinking about what I am saying.

2. How often do you pray The Lord’s Prayer?

I use it as a template in my personal prayer time, but I don’t often pray it verbatim.

3. How often do you take communion?

Our church does not have a set communion schedule. Since the pandemic has shut down our normal life we have had virtual communion a couple of times. UPDATE: Since I last answered these questions we have celebrated commuion together twice

4. Do you listen to sermons during the week?

The only time I really listen to a sermon during the week is if I missed church on Sunday. I do, however, listen to / watch shorter messages via Facebook or YouTube.

5. If Jesus asked you to have your own small group of 4, which 3 disciples or Bible Characters would you choose to be in your weekly prayer group?

Ruth, Esther, the Woman at the Well & the Proverbs 31 Wife (I could not choose just 3)

6. Why did you choose those 3?

Ruth & Esther because of the way they showed love & courage even while living among those who were not of their same faith.

The Woman at the Well because there is so much more we can learn from her life.

The Proverbs 31 Wife because we are are more like her than we realize (Hint: I will writing more about this at a later date.)

7. What Bible characters do you relate to or understand the most?

When I feel myself getting off track, I always go back & read the book of James.

8. Which disciple would you argue with the most?

Probably the Sons of Zebedee (Sons of Thunder) because they seemed to be the ones stirring up the most trouble

9. Which disciple would you get along with the best?

Perhaps Thomas, because I am a visual learner & fiercely loyal to those I love.

10. If you were in the painting of the Last Supper, where would you be sitting?

I would be walking around making sure everyone had enough to eat and drink. I am kind of like Martha in that way.

11. Peter carried a sword and cut off a soldier’s ear in an attempt to protect Jesus. If you were there that night, what would your reaction have been to the soldiers coming to arrest Jesus?

Angry & confused, but mostly angry!!

12. We all need a Simon Peter in our life, someone who carries a “sword” and will fight for you. Who is/was your Simon Peter?

My best friend Cindy. We have been through so much over the last 11 or so years. Unemployment. Death of a parent. Severe illnesses. Relationships breaking down. Struggles of our children. Writing.

Her blog is Compassionate & Gracious and truly reflects her heart for helping others with “Contemplating Faith and the Nature of God.

13. Similar to Jesus, we all have a Judas in our lives who helps us fulfill our destiny or find our purpose. Can you look back and appreciate their role in your life despite the harm they did or the hurt they caused?

I have had several Judases in my life over the years. I did not immediately recognize what their purpose was, but in hindsight I did grow from the pain that they caused.

The People That I Tag:

Anyone who wants to participate. Have a wonderful weekend!


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