We Made It!

There seems to be so many things to write about this week so I decided to combine my “1st week of school” & “9 things that I am grateful for in the 9th month” posts.  So here goes:

9️⃣ Things I πŸ’— About My Job

  1. I work with an amazing group of people who look out for each other & the kiddos.
  2. Spending time with precocious 3-5 year olds gives me plenty to blog about.
  3. Head Start is not just a preschool for children from low income families. We do our upmost to serve the whole family.
  4. Every day brings its own challenges & blessings.
  5. I have the privilege of teaching the children to love books & to talk about their favorites with others.
  6. Knee hugs & screams of “Ms. Barbie” as a little one runs across the room to greet me.
  7. Giving stickers for good behavior or learning a new skill.
  8. I am surrounded with smart & creative people.
  9. We may be from many cultures & religions but when we come together with a common goal “educational magic” happens.

That being said, this week was full of challenges & rewards as we began navigating a new & improved version of eLearning, daily food deliveries & wearing our masks all day. We have gained some new team members since COVID-19 closed school in March. They have already become valuable assets to the group. I thank God for this job & the ability to do it well.

I would love to hear 9 things that you love about your job.

In closing, I would like to show you the propsed upgrades for my bus. What do you think?I πŸ˜‰πŸ˜·πŸ˜‰πŸ˜·


  1. That is a cute idea for the bus . 😊 I liked reading the things you are grateful for. Makes me nostalgic for my teaching days and especially for knee hugs. Thanks for sharing them.❀

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  2. Tuesday, we begin Week Three! Hooray! I am thankful to be back in the classroom and pray daily it stays that way! I enjoy my job, too! I have 15 and not 9 reasons and they are: Hayzlie, Brooks, Adley, Jaxston, Bella, Greyson, Brandon, Amari, Kasen, Noah, Colby, Dane, Hadleigh, Brantley and Asher! Happy Sunday, Barb!

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