I Love My Job Tag

I would like to thank Beverly of Becoming Becoming the Oil  & the Wine. For giving me the idea for this TAG, after she read We Made It!

Webster defines job as a paid position of regular employment. However, there are many jobs for which we never receive a paycheck (ie. stay-at-home parent, caregiver etc.) So for the purposes of this tag a job is any work that you do on a regular basis. No paycheck is required.


1) Use the “I Love My Job” graphic above.

2) Tag the creator Barb at My Life in Our Father’s World

3) Tell us why you love your job.  I listed 9 but you are free to list as many as you want.

4) Invite your fellow bloggers to participate by tagging them.  There is no minimun/maximum  number of “invites”.


  1. I work with an amazing group of people who look out for each other & the kiddos.
  2. Spending time with precocious 3-5 year olds gives me plenty to blog about.
  3. Head Start is not just a preschool for children from low income families. We do our upmost to serve the whole family.
  4. Every day brings its own challenges & blessings.
  5. I have the privilege of teaching the children to love books & to talk about their favorites with others.
  6. Knee hugs & screams of “Ms. Barbie” as a little one runs across the room to greet me.
  7. Giving stickers for good behavior or learning a new skill.
  8. I am surrounded with smart & creative people.
  9. We may be from many cultures & religions but when we come together with a common goal “educational magic” happens.


Becoming Becoming the Oil  & the Wine



God’s Love

Drawing Closer to Christ

Oasis in Jesus Christ

I 🙏 that God has given you a job that you 💗 & that you glorify Him as you perform your tasks each day.



  1. Hi Barb, Thanks for the nomination and for mentioning my blog. I am bit late in seeing this tag, but I will defintely participate because it is a fun tag.

    Even if we do not reaaly like our jobs we need to count our blessings that we do have a job because a lot of people have lost their jobs due to this pandemic. So thanks again for allowing us to be grateful for our jobs.

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  2. 🎀💟🎀Ms Barbie …that’s so cute…oh what I would do for those knee hugs!👩👱‍♂️👦🏻 Your job seems so fulfilling Barbara….just reading about it makes me smile…..and stickers….I thinking want someone to give me stickers for good behaviour/ performance 🙈😅🤭☺

    Liked by 1 person

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