Ultimate Gastric Sleeve Success – Dr Duc C. Vuong [REVIEW]

Over the Labor Day weekend I came across a comprehensive book entitled Ultimate Gastric Sleeve Success: A Practical Patient Guide to Help Maximize Your Weight Loss Results. I immediately downloaded it to my tablet and began reading.

Anyone who has tried to lose weight knows that there is no magic pill, miracle surgery, juice cleanse, membership or ultimate workout to make the number on the scale go down. It takes changing your lifestyle; including eating habits, exercise, proper rest & plenty of water. Having weight loss surgery in only one step in the process of becoming a healthier person. The patient still has much work to do in order to take the weight off & keep it off.

What I found out in this book is that every Weight Loss Surgery practice approaches things a little bit differently but they all have the same goal – to help their patients get healthy & stay healthy.

I do not (or should I say my surgeon and my nutritionist would not) agree with all the concepts set forth by Dr. Vuong in this book. However, I did glean loads of useful information in it’s pages. I will be recommending it to those in my support groups.


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