New Stomach – Old Brain by Limor Haim Matityahoo [REVIEW]

I love that the author, of New Stomach – Old Brain: How to Lose 125 Pounds in One Year & Stay Sane wrote this book for those who are pre-surgery, post surgery & the people that love them. I had my Gastric Sleeve surgery, just over 60 days ago so I can easily identify with so many of the “phases” that all of us on the losers bench go through.

Limor Haim Matityahoo has been through weight loss surgery & speaks from personal experience. I have included some excerpts from the book below.

“Your body is your most important asset, and only you are really familiar with it. Take charge and responsibility and don’t expect anyone else to know better!”

“In my opinion, the success of a weight loss operation (or any bariatric operation for that matter) depends on changing your way of thinking long before you reach the operating room.”

“…the change is a result of three factors combined—the physical change, people’s reaction and yours, and they result in placing you in a completely new situation!”

“The brain is the same whether you weigh 290 pounds or 198 pounds or 165 pounds. If you don’t love yourself, weight will not make a difference.”

“…the real challenge is to embrace the new reality and be able to truly love yourself!”

If you have had WLS (Weight Loss Surgery), are considering it or know someone in one of those categories this book should be on your must-read list.


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