What Next?

My friends, I have a long list if books that I want to read; but I am always looking for recommendations. I enjoy children’s books, mysteries, true crime, historical fiction, Christian fiction & Christian non-fiction.

If you make a suggestion, I will tag you in the post as well as in my Goodreads review when I complete the book.

Can you help me?


  1. I don’t read much Barbara, but I really liked these books….
    Papa Dearest – Fr. Neville (lots of colloquial Indian English)
    An exorcist tells his story- Fr Gabrielle Amorth
    Divine Influence- pastor Rosy Williams(Indian)
    And….I have a lot of books by Andrew Wommack. Most of them are good….especially the Believers Authority.
    Hope you find something good soon.

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  2. You are welcome to any of my books, Barbara. I have a trilogy of Christian fiction, the “Awakening” series (“Counselor,” “Vision,” and “Sparrows”) and one non-fiction about the reasons for “unanswered prayer” from a biblical perspective: “BARRIERS (So, if prayers are so powerful, how come mine don’t get answered?)” If you are interested in one or more of them, you can email me at bascha3870@yahoo.com, and I’d be happy to send you a (signed 😉 ) copy of each. If you prefer, they are available in Kindle form on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, too.

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