I’m not sure how it happened but I am currently in four different Bible Studies.

Three are online in one form or another.

One meets weekly in different group members homes.

Three require at least 5 days of homework.

One is strictly reading the Bible and discussing what we read & how it applies to us today.

Two groups are made up of both men & women.

Two groups are for women only.

Each study has a different focus. Of course God is showing me how they are interconnected. I’m learning so much. Stay tuned for updates.


  1. Interesting Barb. I am sure you will learn so much and maybe find the mixed group can be quite different to the women’s group when it comes to sharing and discussion ( speaking from my experience)
    I don’t think I could handle four at a time though 😊

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  2. Well, lots of luck with that! I know all about crazy because I’m insane lol! So I’m told by many others! My psychiatrist is one of them! Lol! Joking!

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  3. Love this!!!! I am in two and feel overwhelmed! But it feels so good to be digging into God’s word with community. 🙂 I am studying Galatians led by Beth Moore with a group on zoom and also Revelations led by Pastor Tony Evans with a group in my home. You are not crazy, you are THIRSTY. And God will quench your thirst!

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