Round & Round We Go

I have lost track of the number of new policies, addendums & changes that have come out since our first pre-service meeting on August 17th.

When school started on August 31st,  the intention was to start with 100% virtual learning but to transition students to the classroom within a month or so. Sadly,  that goal was not able to be met.

The next plan was to start a hybrid schedule starting on October 26th.  We have been working feverishly to make sure that every family’s voice was heard and the needs of each student were met. 

But then…the COVID-19 numbers in the county started to climb, some local school districts had to change their reopening plans, while others had to close specific buildings due to Coronavirus outbreaks.

Over the last week or so our Executive Director has met with each center to discuss their concerns and to confirm that we were ready to move forward.  She then discussed this data with the Parents Council  and the Board who decided late on Wednesday that we will continue with virtual learning until at least January 5, 2021.

It has been a crazy & stressful few weeks but now that the decision has been made,  we can get back to what we do best.


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