You never know when you or someone you love will be diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. Below is a recent Facebook post from my daughter, Rachel.

Rachel, at a local apple orchard this fall.

A small life update for everyone….
I’ve been recently diagnosed with something called Dermatographia, which literally means “Skin Writing”. This condition is considered auto-immune in nature, and there is no known cure for it. It’s a rare condition, and is caused by certain kinds of touch/pressure. I’m very very self-conscious about it right now, and I encourage others to take the time to watch this Ted Talk about this condition, in order to raise some more awareness.

I don’t feel beautiful right now, but I will learn to accept my condition and love myself all over again. I will be able to embrace this condition soon.


  1. I was not familiar with Dermatographia. I admire the assurance with which your daughter Rachel writes that she will one day love and accept this part of who she is.
    May the Lord be with her through this journey.
    Blessings Barb 💙

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  2. I had never heard about Dermatographia until now. I pray for your daughter, Rachel. May God use her to glorify Him as she continues to trust in His sovereign will over her life. Thank you for sharing her post and video, Barbara.

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  3. Your daughter is very brave and I pray that God will heal her of this disease. Nothing is impossible for the Lord. Thank you for sharing so that we can be aware of this disease and help to pray with you. Blessings.

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