I am So Proud of Her!!

My friend and fellow blogger, Vanessa Lynn, found herself with some extra time and energy to burn this week. God gave her a wonderful vision for a new venture. Click the link below to go to her page.



Hi my Gorgeous Friends!

I am so excited to share what I’ve been up to all week.

It’s been a labor of love, and the more I created, the more my mind was spinning with ideas.

I feel like I have more ideas than hours in the day.

My oldest son watched me all week, and he didn’t hide his doubts. He asked me who was going to buy my creations and I told him that honestly I didn’t know. I was just going to make them and see what happened. He questioned my plan very openly. He is currently taking a senior level economics class, and he said that the wiser route would have been to have a customer first.

Well, even though I don’t have any customers yet, I do know that I am meeting a need. I searched for faith based gifts, and they can be hard to find.

My dream is to create faith based ready to go baskets and gift boxes for special occasions like baby showers, anniversaries, birthdays,  pastors gifts, hostess gifts, graduation gifts, etc that are filled with scripture.

Gifts that are focused on the Words of God and that give heaven’s encouragement to the recipient.
I am creating boxes and baskets that have framed scripture art, mugs and kitchen items with scripture, devotionals, journals, and bibles.

Since we are so close to the holidays, I started with Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

I began with baskets that can be hand delivered in my local town.

And next, I am making boxes that can be shipped anywhere in the US. I will reveal those in another post. They will each have a theme around a scripture, a color, or occasion. 
Here are a few of my creations so far.

I am excited to share more as I continue this project!

My next goals are to make the boxes and also to make some smaller gifts and baskets.

One more creation that I am excited about is these little scripture boxes. I made a few and have been giving them away in my facebook group. A few friends have asked to buy them, but I didn’t have a way to make a lot of them.  And now, I have found a way to make them nicer quality and make them in larger quantities! So, I will also have these mini scripture card boxes as well. They will take me a few weeks, but I am so excited about the new, updated version!!

As I shared in my previous post about this project, the enemy hit me hard with doubts this week.

I have gone from being super excited about this project to completely scared and wanting to quit. He has whispered and even yelled in my ear all week telling me that this will never work. I will fail. Who do I think I am to think that I can make this successful? And a million other pretty awful things, but I keep turning to Jesus and just keep taking the next step ahead.

And so….. here I am and I am way too far in to quit now! So, I will keep moving and keep creating and see where this endeavor takes me!

If you live in Lee County, some of my baskets are up and listed in my shop.  I will deliver them right to you! And more varieties and price ranges will be listed soon. 

I am praying that these gifts spread encouragement and the love of God as His Word gets into our homes and our hearts.

Vanessa Lynn


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