I was surprised when I got an email from Chick-fil-a that invited me to watch their film. Who knew that Chick-fil-a makes holiday films? I sure didn’t. I have to admit that I left the email in my in-box for a few days before I watched it. BUT, I have watched it several times since then. I encourage you to share this 2-minute film with everyone (especially the children) in your life.


This year, we can all do a little something to inspire those around us. Watch our new holiday film, and then explore the site to discover how you can spark hope and light the way within your community.

As Sam discovered in our film, a small act can spark a lot of hope in others. Make someone’s spirits bright by sending a simple message of encouragement, care or gratitude this holiday season.

CLICK HERE to share it and send a personal message.

Do you want to see more? I have also included the 2019 film.

If you were having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit this year, I pray that these simple messages were able to light a spark in you.

May you spend the rest of 2020 encouraging others & spreading the love of Jesus everywhere you go!


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