For We Are God’s Handiwork – Doug Ward [REVIEW]

Screengrab from the BibleProject video – Ephesians (full video is below)

Our Sunday Night Bible Study recently completed Ephesians: For We Are God’s Handiwork by Doug Ward. It is part of the Shaped By Scripture Small Group Series from The Foundry Publishing.

In this 7-week study, each week is laid out in an identical manner. By starting with an overview/introduction week you can easily make it an 8-week study.

Each week flows like this:

  1. Read the passage for the week over several times until it becomes familiar.
  2. Review the setting and how the passage is organized.
  3. Observe the realities in the passage.
  4. How does this passage fit in to the Bible as a whole?
  5. How does this passage apply to us today?

Our group began the study with an overview/introduction week and watched Overview: Ephesians by BibleProject, “A nonprofit animation studio helping people experience the Bible as a unified story that leads to Jesus.” is a GREAT resource.

Each week our leader keyed on on the highlights of the chapter for our discussion. Because of the way the book is laid out, your group can figure out what best works for you.

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