In the Craziness, I Missed It

As usual the month of December has flown past. I have been so busy with holiday preparations and completing year end tasks for work that I totally missed the day that my 700th post was published.

I want to thank each of my treasured readers for reading, liking & commenting on my posts. It is those interactions with you that make me a better writer, a better reader & a better witness for Jesus.

As I consider what this milestone means, I ask for your honest assessment, constructive criticism & advice to improve this space.

It’s for you & God that this blog exists.


  1. I recently got to 500 and it felt like an amazing accomplishment. 700? That’s really impressive. CongratZ!
    I’m here from Ann’s blog. I wanted to tell you that I enjoyed the story she reblogged, but that particular post of yours doesn’t seem to jump out at me, so I thought I’d leave a comment here. Very heartwarming tale. A great lesson for the young ones and a fantastic reminder for the adults who might have forgotten what Christmas is all about.

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